Swedish prepaid SIM-card for your business


For all businesses with a presence in Sweden, having a Swedish mobile phone number is essential!

SwedenCompany.com can now offer all of our clients a prepaid mobile phone number that can be used when signing official documents, bank account opening, to be visible on your website and business cards.

You can manually add money to your Swedish SIM-card anywhere in the world since it can be done online. Also, the SIM card comes in three different sizes, Standard-SIM, Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM. After you have received your SIM-card, you need to add money to it online to be able to make calls or send texts, however, you are still be able to receive calls and texts.

This number can then be transferred to any operator in Sweden with a fixed monthly fee. This is of course optional to do.

The price also includes shipping of the SIM-card! 

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