Register a Swedish Company with direct foreign ownership


Sweden is one of the most stable, well respected and developed countries in the world. Therefore, Sweden is the very best choice for you to have an onshore company that has great worldwide recognition with all the tax and privacy advantages you get as an offshore owner.

Our Swedish companies are structured so there have to be a minimum of one owner with unlimited liability and a minimum of one owner with liability limited to the investment in the Swedish company (Minimum 100 SEK). All owners can be legal entities and/or individuals of any nationality and can be resident anywhere in the world.

This price includes:
– Company registration certificates in English and Swedish (Used for opening bank accounts and more)
– Registered prestigious business Stockholm address for 1 year including scanned mail forwarding (After the first year, it is 599 EUR per year)
– Start up government fees

When forming a Swedish company owned by foreign entities or foreign physical individuals, we need from you:

Legal entities as owner:
– A copy of the company registration document, it can not be older then 6 months.
– A document showing the person who is the authorized representative of the foreign company.

Physical individuals as owners:
– A notorized copy of your passport

What makes our services unique is that we offer any company and any individual to start its own Swedish company without being a legal resident. The Swedish company will then be its own legal entity with the utmost respect from banks, governments and other companies from all over the world!

How this type of company is taxed:
Your Swedish company is a legal entity of itself, however, it is not a tax subject. That means that it is the owners of the Swedish company that will be taxed if there are any reported profit. The Swedish company itself does not pay any tax on its profits but it is the owners (i.e. foreign owners from anywhere in the world) that would be obliged to pay income tax and deductibles on their part of the company’s profits.

When a Swedish company is owned by one or more legal entities AND has a turnover of more then 3 millions SEK, the Swedish company must file annual financial statements and an annual report. The financial transactions or holdings within the Swedish company, must then be reported. If your Swedish company has a reported active business, accounting and bookkeeping is of course a necessity and needs to file its annual reports.

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