Company website in Swedish with e-mail


Does your Swedish company need a domain and company website in Swedish with e-mail?

We can now offer our clients a fast website service where we can translate your existing company website or we can make a new Swedish website with a .SE domain.

You can have unlimited e-mail accounts and you show that you are part of Swedish market.

For an example, if you are starting your business in Sweden as an IT consultant, having a website in Swedish will greatly increase your chances for potential customers to find you. Also, when you are in contact with government officials and you can show them the steps you have taken to be a serious company owner in Sweden is always a good thing and will work in your favor.

The price is for clients who also orders our company formation services! The website is a standard responsive website with a maximum of 6 pages, unlimited e-mail accounts, suitable for mobile and SSL encryption. After your company has been setup, a domain transfer will be done to your new company (if you would like) and the yearly fees of about 60 EUR for domain and website hosting will be paid by your new company.

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