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To register as a Sole Trader is a great start!

To be registered as a Sole Trader in Sweden means that your are doing business as a natural person. You will be VAT-registered and are allowed to conduct business with any legal entities and individuals.

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Do business in Sweden and around the world using your Swedish company registration. Open company bank accounts anywhere in the world.

To register as a Sole Trader in Sweden can many times be the most economical way to start your business in Sweden and to try out the Swedish market before, maybe, starting a Swedish Limited Liability Company. In Swedish, a Sole Trader is called “Enskild n√§ringsidkare” or that you have an “Enskild firma”When you register as a Sole Trader in Sweden, you are doing business as an natural person with your Personal Identity Number (In Swedish “Personnummer”) or co-ordination number as your organisation number. You can still have a company name if you wish so you do not need to do business in your own personal name.

To register as a Sole Trader, you can resident from the EU/EEA or from outside the EU/EEA. However, there is a difference in time and how the process can be applied.

For residents of EU/EEA:

The process is quite straightforward since you do need a Visa to actually be in Sweden to start up and run your business.

For non EU/EEA residents:

To be able to register as a Sole Trader, you will need permit from the Swedish Migration Agency to run a company in Sweden. This has to do with that you can be granted a residence permit to Sweden with starting your business.If you are going to work for longer than three months starting up and running your own business in Sweden, you must have a residence permit. The residence permit must already have been granted before you travel to Sweden. There a few requirements that needs to carried out, we will be more than happy to give you the complete list.Self-employed persons who are going to work for less than three months in Sweden do not need a residence permit. However, the citizens of some countries must have a Visa to visit Sweden even for work lasting less than three months. Contact us for more information about your situation.

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