Virtual Office in Stockholm

All Swedish legal entites needs a registered address.

However, Sweden belongs to a global market and more foreign companies and individuals wants to have a presence in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our legal address are for foreign companies, local companies and foreign individuals

A virtual legal business office address is a smart way to quickly get a local presence and to achieve your business goals! Our prestigious address is in Stockholms financial district with will immediately give your foreign or local company the respect it deserves.

What can you do with a Swedish Virtual Business Address in the middle of Stockholm?

– Put your company in center of Stockholm on Google Maps
– Register your Swedish branch in the center of Stockholm
– Register your domain name in a respected country
– Add a Stockholm visiting address on your website and business card
– For foreign companies running a Swedish website that need a local presence
– Receive mail from clients/customers
– We scan and e-mail all incoming mail!

This is just some ideas what you can do when you are registered to a Swedish Business Address and how you can use it.


Get your Virtual Business Address in Stockholm, Sweden today!

The price is including e-mail scanning of all incoming mail. Price is per year and per company.

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